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Boreal Folk is a unique company handcrafting natural skincare products inspired by Canada’s wilderness.



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Boreal Folk came to us never ran a single paid advertising in the history of the brand. The founder was really focused on organic content and providing a great product to their audience. 

Which has been great to get the brand to a solid point, but the founder knew that the next step would be utilizing paid advertising in order to grow the brand to the next level.

Approach & Results

We came in with zero data on any of the paid search or social platforms and had to come up with a great strategy in order to grow the brand. So that’s what we did. We started running paid social and then in month 2 kicked off paid search and since then have been able to grow the brand by 3.65x in the course of 4 months. 

The average paid media spend ROAS continues to rise month over month as we gain more data and insight into the audience and what advertising converts best. So far we are averaging a 391% paid media spend ROAS.


Results & Numbers

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Revenue Growth
0 %
Average Paid Media ROAS

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