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Happy Givers

Happy Givers is a Christian apparel brand that gives 100% of their profits to their NPO.



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Happy Givers have a great brand that 100% of their profits go to their non-profit. Which helps and assits a home reconstruction program in Peurto Rico, a children’s home in Peru, as well as partnering with organizations supporting migrants in Tijuana.  

Because the founder is incredibly busy not only running the brand, but also running the Non-profit. They came to us wanting to help out with taking over their paid social advertising in order to grow the sales as well as awareness of the brand.

Approach & Results

Because the mission of the brand is so powerful, the founder really emphasiszed that they want to grow the awareness as well as sales of the brand so that they can fund their projects. We have been to achieve just that for them. 

We have reached well over 10 million people with our paid social efforts while averaging a healthy average paid social ROAS of 305% being able to achieve well over 7-figures+ in paid social revenue for the brand.

Happy Givers

Results & Numbers

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