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RIFRUF is an eCom brand that sells high-quality protective dog shoes.



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The 2 co-founders came to us during their partnership with another marketing company that was handling their social media organic as well as paid acquisition. 

When we hopped on and dissected the results, we quickly realized with COGS, shipping and advertising costs, they were losing money with their advertising without even realizing it. 

Approach & Results

We came in and did a deep dive on their brand and wanted to position it in a way that makes it new and first to the market in a sub category. We quickly came up with the headline:

Introducing America’s first stylish dog shoes designed & made in NYC

Rule #1 in marketing is that it’s better to be first than it is to be better and that’s exactly what we achieved with our marketing. The results speak for themselves. 


Results & Numbers

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Revenue Growth
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Average Paid Media ROAS

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